Target your customers with the right information at the right stage of the sales process

Agile Marketing Systems


An eye-catching website is no longer enough.  Businesses are seeking competitive advantage by leveraging marketing automation technologies to profile, segment and target potential customers with the right information at the right stage of the sales process.  Successfully deployed, this agile, customer-centric approach is delivering sustainable improvements in sales and redefining customer service expectations.


Is Marketing Automation right for my business?


Agile marketing relies on automation technology to market to specific customer groups on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.), automating repetitive tasks to increase efficiency.  It delivers improved customer service, reduced overheads and increased sales.

Choosing the right solution


While some marketing automation tools, like market leader Hubspot, represent a significant investment, a new generation of products  offer excellent marketing automation functionality at a price point that is well within the reach of most SME’s.

It is important that your business model aligns with the functional capabilities of the specific marketing automation system you adopt. If your business is primarily a low transaction, high value, long lead time B2B sales operation, marketing automation can still drive profit, however, the right solution will not be one that primarily focuses on social media and online retailing.

Adopting and adapting new marketing systems requires planning and time.  We aim to help you minimise the time and maximise the benefit of your project.



JSM can help you:

Identify the right system for your business


We identify the right solution for you business considering:


  • typical customer lifetime value
  • typical sales order value
  • the length of sales cycle
  • Inbound v’s Outbound lead strategies
  • the importance social media
  • importance of e-marketing
  • B2C or B2B focus

Configure and deploy CRM and automation


With the right solution identified, JSM can:


  • map custom fields
  • establish and configure core modules
  • set user permissions and privileges
  • set user roles and profiles
  • map workflows
  • configure auto responders criteria
  • import data


Integrated Marketing Systems


Where marketing data silos are connected – or the key functions consolidated into a single software tool – you can harness your data’s full potential, automatically triggering time based, segment based or action based communications.  Business benefits include:

  • Better targeted communication


  • Improved customer focus


  • Cross-sell & Up-sell opportunities


  • Process efficiencies & time savings


  • Increased revenue




Contact us to find out how marketing systems and automation could work for your business.