Inbound & Outbound Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation and New Business Development


We are experts at generating new business opportunities, identifying requirements, budgets, decision making units and time scales.  Our inbound and outbound lead generation services help you decipher market conditions, build new revenue streams and achieve your growth objectives.

B2B Appointment Setting


We specialise in generating new business opportunities, booking appointments, identifying requirements; budgets, decision making units and time scales. We are adept at circumventing gatekeepers to reach real decision makers, differentiating those individuals with real purchasing authority  from potential time wasters.

We offer a genuine alternative to scripted, volume-driven call centres, building an informed dialogue with your prospects based on an understanding of both proposition and market dynamics.


Service Highlights


  • On-demand’ B2B telemarketing
  • Unscripted business conversations
  • Proven  return on investment
  • Key metrics established at outset
  • Established track record
  • Campaign support services
  • Clear reporting procedures

Pay per Click


Properly conceived, PCC, (Pay per Click) is an effective way to generate sales leads ‘on demand’, however, successful PPC requires clear strategy and coherent implementation. Working with our strategic partners, we deliver proven and accountable PPC campaigns.  From the outset, we identify key phrases that are relevant to your business, segmented into targeted ad groups. We build and manage effective Landing Pages that deliver positive conversion results and transparent return on your advertising spend.  Each campaign is proactively managed to increase profits, adjusting keywords, the number of clicks, tweaking advertisement copy and landing page content to optimise sales.


Service Highlights


  • Customer profiling
  • PPC goals
  • Keyword selection
  • Landing Page design
  • Campaign budgeting
  • Implementation management

Email Marketing


Blanket email blasts with one-size-fits-all messages usually fail to deliver results.  However, properly used, email marketing offers excellent ROI, proving 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.  It requires a clear customer-focus, relevant compelling and personalised copy and an effective landing page to facilitate lead conversion.  With over 53% of emails now opened on mobile devices, your email also needs to be device agnostic.  In addition to our marketing systems services, JSM can offer a dedicated e-marketing service to help you make the most of your customers.


Service Highlights


  • Prospect Segmentation
  • Landing Page Design
  • Email template design
  • Copy Writing
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Drip Campaign Planning
  • Marketing automation

Content Marketing


As search engines have sought to ensure that they deliver the best information to their users, the production of original, relevant, content has become the defining factor in determining search engine ranking.

The importance of content has been reinforced as businesses have targeted potential customers with tailored information as they discover, explore, engage and buy.  From blogs to white papers and videos to e-books, the creation of customer-profiled content has become the go to technique for driving inbound web traffic and subsequent conversion to sales leads.

We offer a range of Lead to Revenue Content Marketing services including: content creation for guest blogs and white papers, blog management, infographic design, animated video production and article syndication.


Service Highlights


  • Prospect Segmentation
  • Content creation
  • Infographic Design
  • Guest & Ghost Blogs
  • Blog Posting
  • Prospect data collection
  • Marketing automation


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