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The Client


With the launch of the 840 EVO SSD series, leading global technology innovator Samsung Electronics has set a new standard for SSD’s. The 120 GB, 750 GB and 1 TB 840 EVO SSD’s deliver unrivalled performance and reliability backed by Samsung’s 3 year guarantee; a simple, easy to use upgrade tools, hardware based encryption and a sophisticated SSD management tool set – all at an unbeatable price point.

The 840 EVO SSD’s deliver:

1. Enhanced performance
2. Enhanced user productivity
3. Greater security for mobile data
4. Reduced power consumption
5. Extended battery and asset  lifespan

For organisation looking to upgrade their PC’s or addresses data centre performance bottle necks in virtualisation, VDI and SQL application delivery, the 840 EVO’s performance and price point makes a compelling commercial case for SSD upgrade.

The Project


The target contact profile was comprised of Senior UK based IT Decision Makers in UK organisations responsible for PC upgrades.  Vertical targets sectors include: Finance, Insurance,  Local Government still using Windows XP, Utilities, Oil Companies and TOC’s where users operated in hostile environments and will benefit from SSD’s ruggedized robustness.

The main project goals were:

1. Market education and evangelisation to the performance potential and cost savings delivered
2. Identification of immediate and medium term SSD projects in UK organisation
3. Secure appointments and drive opportunities to Samsung
4. Identify possible UK case study prospect



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